Nicola Baur Rona

„My passion for riding started from the moment I sat on a pony, at the age of just three years old.“

At the age of 10, I was certain that I wanted to become a car mechanic, a vet, a lawyer, a librarian but first of all…..a dressage rider.

Having successfully competed at International Juniors and Young Riders level, my greatest wish was to proceed through the levels to Seniors. My then horse, and my equine partner in six European Championships in a row was retired, and I did not have the resource to buy an international Grand Prix horse, so the road towards my goals got a little challenging. But I did gain a Bachelor in International Hotel Management but despite this, I decided to dedicate my life from then onward to being a professional dressage rider.

Working in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and being able to train and compete many horses, from Young horse classes up to Grand Prix, was the best way possible to gain experience, learn and develop as a rider.

When the opportunity arose to build my own training stable, it was my absolute dream come true.

During the build of Stall Wetzlgut, I wanted to create a place that would provide the best facilities for me to train the horses from Young Horse level up to Grand Prix.

My philosophy and belief is that the modern sports horses are highly developed athletes who need not only the best training possible, but also best individual care, love and a place where they can feel safe and at home.

"With the competition results and successes,
we have had happy clients over the last six years,
which has seen us grow and this is a great privilege."
Nicola Baur Rona